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John Bartholemew Rotherham

1950 - 1998

Grandpa Jack Rotherham was the pioneer that started generations of accountants thereafter, at Rotherham & Rotherham & Co.  His wealth of knowledge and inviting charisma played a central role in running an accounting firm.  The practice is honored by clients of his that continue to come in, three or more decades later.


Gpa Pic.jpg

Jack started doing accounting work while serving in the United States Army.  Towards the end of the second World War, Jack left military service.  With several mouths to feed, Jack decided to try his hand in public accounting.  Year after year growing his client base, Jack found himself to be very successful in building strong relationships and friendships for years to come.


Gpa Pic 2.jpg
John Dean Rotherham

1972 - Present

Jack Rotherham is the patriarch that laid the foundation for what Rotherham & Rotherham & Co. is today.  For well over 40 years, Jack has been the backbone of Rotherham & Rotherham & Co. To the majority of clients, if not all, Jack became not just their "tax guy", but a true friend indeed.

As a solider in the United States Navy, and after serving time in the Vietnam War, Jack came home with a entrepreneurial fire in his stomach.  Jack went from being a salesman, to earning his nursing home administrators license, and came to be one of the organizational leaders of almost ten nursing homes in central Illinois.  Years after, he decided to go into the accounting field.  After securing his degrees, he decided to office with his father, and escalate the practice  to what it is today.


dad pic.png
Linda S. Rotherham
1972 - Present

As a true pillar of the organization, Linda laid the groundwork for many of the core values that Rotherham & Rotherham & Co. stands for to this very day.  With her vast attention to detail and determination, Linda has proven to be an irreplaceable asset to the firm.


At a very young age, Linda became a unique and devoted partner to her husband Jack.  From lighting up the office with her smile, to being the voice of reason and fairness, Linda's presence and position in the company has set standards that will last until the end of time.

The Legacy

Jack & Linda Rotherham are the illustration of a true team.  Building and maintaining a small business is no easy feat, and takes immense courage and sacrifice, all the while raising five children.

Their teamwork, strength, and devotion is deeply rooted in how relationships with our clients are maintained this very day.  Everlasting partnerships where the central focus is for the team.  All for one, & one for all.  Through thick and thin, the good and the bad, the ups and the downs, at Rotherham & Rotherham & Co. our  core objective is the success and financial well being of you and your family.

John Clayton Kennedy Rotherham
2006 - Present

Clay Rotherham has accounting running through his blood.  As the third generation that decided to go into accounting, Clay began working with his father Jack while still in high school.  Through the implementation of technology, his thorough and high efficiency mindset, and selfless work ethic, Clay has become the principle and leading role that drives Rotherham & Rotherham & Co. into the next era of the firm.


Jessey A. Bruce
2018 - Present

After earning a degree in English, Jessey decided to double major and enter the accounting world.  What started as an internship at R & R, has grown into Jessey being a true asset to the practice.  Her organizational and competency skills are second to none.  We look forward to being part of her professional and personal growth for many years to come.


Jessey Pic.png
Walter D. Rotherham
2016 - Present

As head of customer service and human resources, Walter has become an integral member of the practice.  Everyone at R & R consistently feels him watching their every move, and are very much concerned of getting on his bad side.  He accepts nothing less than purr-fection.


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